How to Check CPU Temperature in Windows 10

In this post, I’ll show how to Check CPU Temperature in Windows 10. The computer which is commonly used nowadays requires us to check, analyze and manage from every aspect. One...

How to Disable Windows 10 Update in Every Way

"Every time I try to shut down my computer, I was forced to update my Windows 10. But I really don't want to update my operating system because the automatic update...

Create a Windows 10 Password Reset Disk USB: How to Guide

Want to create a password reset disk for windows 10. If yes, then you are in the right place. According to,  59.4% of the global Operating System is captured by Windows 10 OS. And for...

How to Create Bootable USB Flash Drive to Install Windows?

Now a day, Windows installation is very easy. You don’t need to carry bulky Windows OS disks with you. Rather, no one keeps Windows installation disk for his or her computer....

2 ways to activate Windows 10 for FREE without additional software

As you know, Microsoft notified Windows 10 is “the last version of Windows” and explained that they will be focused on the development of powerful and new features under the guise...

SOLVED: Keyboard Language Keeps on Changing on it’s own – Windows 10

Something happened after a recent Windows update that my keyboard changes language without me doing so. If you are like me, I am constantly changing tabs, windows, saving documents, copying, pasting, etc all...

How to Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro Using an OEM Key

While Windows 10 Home already comes with a suite of extra features compared to Windows 8.1, including the digital voice assistant Cortana and Virtual Desktops, Windows 10 Pro offers greater connectivity and privacy tools. If...

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7Tips to Maintain Windows 10 in Good Running Condition

Here are a few tasks you will have to perform periodically, in order to maintain your Windows 10 system in good running condition: Clear...

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