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No description available.(Image: © HP)


Though it omits HDR, the HP Omen 27i delivers what’s needed for a great gaming experience. With premium quality color, a 165 Hz refresh rate, Adaptive-Sync and low input lag, it can serve casual and competitive players. High-end build quality and styling make it ideal for any desktop.


  • Color saturation and accuracy
  • Low input lag
  • 165 Hz refresh rate
  • FreeSync & G-Sync
  • Styling and build quality


  • Average native contrast for price
  • No sRGB mode

Though the best gaming monitors come in many shapes and sizes, the flat, 27-inch panel is one of the most popular. With 1440p (2560 x 1440)resolution, a 27-incher offers good pixel density (109ppi) and responsive performance with mid-range graphics cards. You won’t need a bleeding-edge system to drive frame rates past 100 frames per second (fps). And in today’s market, it’s not difficult to find such a screen for under $500.

HP’s Omen line of gaming displays offer premium performance, accurate color and high-end build quality. The HP Omen 27i (usually selling for $460-$500) in question is an IPS panel with a fast 165 Hz refresh rate, both FreeSync and G-Sync Compatibility and an expanded color gamut. Color purists may be disappointed, but there’s a myriad of features for gamers.  The Omen 27i isn’t the cheapest 27-inch panel out there but offers a lot for the money. With performance to match, it’s a compelling choice.

HP Omen 27i Specifications

Panel Type & Backlight Nano IPS / W-LED, edge array
Screen Size / Aspect Ratio 27 inches / 16:9
Max Resolution & Refresh 2560×1440 @ 165Hz, FreeSync, G-Sync Compatible, 48-165 Hz
Native Color Depth & Gamut 10-bit / DCI-P3
Response Time (GTG) 1ms
Brightness 350 nits
Contrast 1,000:1
Speakers None
Video Inputs 1x DisplayPort 1.2, 1x HDMI 2.0
Audio 3.5mm headphone output
USB 3.0 1x up, 2x down
Power Consumption 28.5w, brightness @ 200 nits
Panel Dimensions (WxHxD w/base) 24.1 x 15.5-20.5 x 10.1 inches (612 x 394-521 x 257mm)
Panel Thickness 2.6 inches (66mm)
Bezel Width Top/sides: 0.3 inch (8mm); Bottom: 0.9 inch (23mm)
Weight 17.1 pounds (7.8kg)
Warranty 1 year


HP doesn’t skimp on the panel used in the Omen 27i. It’s a brand-new part from LG called Nano IPS. This doesn’t mean the backlight is quantum dot, but it does mean a very wide gamut with accurate color. Our tests showed DCI-P3 coverage that ranks it above most of the extended color monitors we’ve reviewed. The backlight is a white LED with a rated output of 350 nits. HDR is not supported, but the Omen 27i has a native color depth of 10 bits. If you see banding on this screen, it’s coming from the content, not the 27i.

Adaptive-Sync comes in both flavors with a G-Sync Compatible certification from Nvidia, as well as AMD FreeSync support. The 165 Hz refresh rate is achieved without overclocking. This is one quick panel, as we discovered in our tests.

Though on-screen display (OSD) navigation is easy with a joystick, HP offers a convenient Windows 10 app called Omen Command Center that controls every monitor function from your PC. It even includes a crosshair editor so you can tailor the aiming point to your personal preference and controls lighting for all connected Omen products, like gaming PCs and gaming laptops.

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Assembly and Accessories

Unpacking the Omen 27i reveals a base and upright already assembled. Further investigation uncovers a small Allen key. You’ll need it to attach the panel to the stand with two captive bolts. Once complete, the package is super solid and though the base looks small, its diamond shape ensures stability with a minimal desktop footprint. Accessories include DisplayPort and USB cables with a small external power supply.

Product 360

No description available.(Image credit: HP)

We’ve never seen an HP Omen display that didn’t have premium build quality, and the Omen 27i is no exception. The chassis has monolithic styling with satin-finished metal parts and a rock-solid stand. LED lighting is on the back and below the bezel with a variety of colors and effects to choose from.

The Omen 27i’s styling is all about the diamond shape; you won’t find a single curve. Edges are nicely softened, but everything comes together with straight lines and right angles. The stand is wobble-free with nary a hint of play. It offers a 5-inch height adjustment and -5/20-degree tilt. There is no swivel function, but upright’s top is ideally shaped for hanging a pair of headphones.

The screen features a flush-mounted anti-glare layer of 3H hardness. The bezel is 8mm around the top and sides with a 23mm strip trimming the bottom. The Omen logo is printed front and center, and a small LED underneath brings RGB lighting to your desktop with any color of RGB and a variety of effects. You control RGB from the OSD and HP’s Omen Command Center PC app.

From the side, the Omen 27i appears to be built from blocks. Internal components are housed in a diamond-shaped bulge rimmed by LEDs. This allows ports to be placed where they’re visible and easily accessible. Video inputs include a DisplayPort 1.2 input and HDMI 2.0 (for a comparison between the two see our DisplayPort vs. HDMI article).  A 3.5mm headphone jack shares one side with those ports, and three USB 3.0 ports, one up and two downstream, are on the other. You can loop the cables through the stand to keep things tidy.

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